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Basic Dynamics

  1. Oct 31, 2007 #1

    After hours of thinking I can't solve this problem:
    The system of the figure is motionless.Then body 2 is released, arriving to the ground in 2 seconds.
    The pulley and the rope have no weight, and there is no friction.
    Find the maximum height that is going to be reached by the base of the body 1.
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    Hi, welcome to PF badbit.

    Can the rope shrink or grow? Otherwise, why wouldn't it be 4 meters?
    (I'm probably missing something here, what does this have to do with dynamics?)
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    Question is fine, "CompuChip". You need to take a coffee-break. [No pun intended.]
    I dunno if the rope can grow, but obviously it can shrink.. or better use, get loose/slack!

    But yes, I too have doubts, if this question has got really something to do with dynamics!

    Use, 2 sec to find the speed of the bodies when body 2 arrives to the ground. (Note both bodies will have same speed till this moment.) After this the rope goes slack, as body 1 continues to move upwards due to inertia. Now, either apply conservation of energy or same kinematics equations, to obtain the furthr height attained by body1.
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    Ah, now I see it. I just needed some sleep I guess :smile:
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