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Basic energy and tension.

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    1. A 600-N block is lifted by the friction-free pulley system shown.

    a. How many strands of rope support the 600-N weight?

    b. What is the tension in each strand?

    c. What is the tension in the end help by the man?

    d. If the man pulls his end down 60 cm, how many cm will the weight rise?

    e. What is the ideal mechanical advantage of the pulley system?

    f. If the man exerts 60 Joules of work, what will be the increase of PE of the 600-N weight?

    okay so for A is it just 1 because its just 1 rope.
    and B do we do F*D?
    c. the same thing?
    idk im really confused.
    please help!!
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    Can you show us the diagram?
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