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Homework Help: Basic error analysis question

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    I'm investigating the variation of Magnetic Field with Distance. The investigation requires me to plot lnField against lnDistance. My question is, say the quantities had an error of +/- 0.01 mT for the Magnetic Field. How would I represent this on the ln Field v/s ln Distance graph? I intuitively thought it would be ln0.01 but that was obviously wrong as it gave a value of -4.6 ... . Any suggestions?

    Also, when sketching lnDistance on the axis, should I make the units on the axis ln(metres) or just metres? And likewise with magnetic field should it be lnTesla or just Tesla? I ask this because when plotting say a quantity against (time) squared, we use the units of (s^2).

    Any help very much appreciated. Cheers.
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