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Basic formulas / symbols in LaTeX

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    I know basic formulas / symbols in LaTeX, but I'm not too good with the whole PDF thing. I mean, once I have a .tex file I can make a PS, DVI, or PDF file no problem, but the .tex file is the hard part. Every tutorial I read is like 100 pages long. Does anyone have a breif tutorial that gives the basics (headers, line-spacing, equations, etc.) without all the extras?

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    I think I'm looking for the short introduction to LaTeX.
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    What I did was use the projects that I wanted done and then looked up the commands I needed using google and the operation I wanted to perform.


    "Insert picture latex"
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    If you have a look at a sample .tex document with some essential elements like TOC, pictures, and formulae, then it will be the fastest way you can get these features to work.
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    You don't have to go through the whole not-so-short... It has an index and you can just go to the page relevant to your current problem. And it's not that much of a read anyway. Especially if you use a bit of selective reading.
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