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Homework Help: Basic Help:algebra & Ellipses

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    I'm trying to put this into factored form help me out and help me with ellipses I don't know what to do... Would i have to place the C that i solved into [tex] a^2 = 10^2 + 25.4^2 [/tex] http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h237/runicrice/?action=view&current=scan.jpg
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    My work is in the url...
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    If I read this correctly, the question is "What is the width of when the height is 10 units above the origin," which is somewhat of a confusing question.

    10 units above the origin is point (0,10) which has x=0, and y=10.

    Is the height, h = the vertical distance between the x axis and the center of the ellipse?

    Anyway, is the width considered the major axis or minor axis?

    One can solve for either.
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