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Homework Help: Basic ideal circuit elements

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    https://photos-1.dropbox.com/pi/xl/rLbkcUie-3Lbcrb5YgTa73zJKs4agFowWz6uGFoBq7s/38240/1324436400/1241536/ [Broken]

    the image seems to be broken, so here is a link
    http://db.tt/fMwm8TrL [Broken]

    I recently picked up a future textbook of mine for something to do over the holidays, so forgive me for asking such a low level question, but I was hoping someone could explain why (in part a) the voltage should be -2V? I understand that, given the answer to part a, that b would be 16 W delivered. Thanks.
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    So, are you under the impression that folks here are psychic and can divine what you are talking about from the little you have said. No diagrams? No statement of the problem? No hint of what this is all about?

    Wait ... my psychic power is kicking in ... I've GOT it. It's about electricity !

    EDIT: OK, I see that you have edited you post to include an image, but I can't see it for some reason.
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    What is the value of ib? And so, what is the value of the controlled voltage source?
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    Imagine that the voltage source in the centre was not present. What would be the terminal voltage of the other two elements?

    So the question involving mention of the "interconnection" means what voltage vg could you apply yet not cause any upset to the circuit operating without that vg source being present. (It's a strange way of wording a question.)
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