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Basic ideal gas PV=nRT question ( need help fast )

  1. Sep 27, 2009 #1
    A welder using a tank of volume 7.70×10^−2m^3 fills it with oxygen (with a molar mass of 32.0 ) at a gauge pressure of 3.30×10^5 Pa and temperature of 35.0 C. The tank has a small leak, and in time some of the oxygen leaks out. On a day when the temperature is 23.9 C, the gauge pressure of the oxygen in the tank is 1.80×10^5 Pa .

    Find the initial mass of the oxygen.

    i don't understand this crap. i used PV = nRT isolated n = (8.315)(35+273)/ (7.7e-2)(3.3e5)
    then multiplied it to the molar mass and got the mass. which isnt right. Help? on what im doing wrong? this is the only equation we were given.
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    - you are given gauge pressures, but P in your ideal gas law equation is in absolute pressure - you need to convert gauge pressure to absolute pressure (that is, you need to add atmospheric pressure)

    - check your algebra when calculating n - looks upside down to me...

    - otherwise there's nothing wrong with the way you are going about it (use the ideal gas law to find the amount of oxygen in the tank [n] and use the molar mass to find the corresponding mass)
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    sorry typo, yes you're right i have to add 1atm of pressure but why? we were never told the reasoning
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    Well, it's more or less the same reason you had to add 273 to your temperature - the ideal gas law is defined in terms of absolute pressure and temperature.

    Did you ever go over the difference between gauge pressure and absolute pressure in class?
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    nope but i get it now, thanks.
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