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Insights Basic Kinematics - Comments

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    Here in Germany this is usually taught in the theory course (at Goethe University Frankfurt even already in the 1st semester!) in the context of rigid-body motion (basic theory of the spinning top).
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    Thanks. Do know textbooks in English that contain this material?
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    E.g., you find it in

    Kibble, Berkshire, Classical Mechanics, Imperial College Press

    I guess, in fact, you find it in any university theoretical-physics textbook.
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    That is a good book indeed. now I see how it is taught in the western tradition
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    I think that the title is a bit misleading. This is not "basic kinematics". For most people, or at least for me, basic kinematics are the kinematical equations that intro physics students see for motion with constant acceleration.

    This article, which include rigid body motion and coriolis force, is way more advanced than those kinematical equations.

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    Hello, I have tried to expand my horizon on "basic" kinematics and I run into the concept of Mozzi axis of instantaneous rotation. Have you heard about it before?

    If so, I have some follow up questions. Thanks
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