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Basic LCD Polarizer Viewing Angle

  1. Apr 27, 2015 #1
    I'm in need of some help understanding the viewing angle of a basic LCD.

    I am replicating a product that contains a backlit LCD from a similar product. The original product has an orange display that is clearly viewable at most angles. The similar product has a blue display that has poor visibility at certain angles.

    There are two differences I can tell between the two LCDs. Obviously one is the color. The original has orange bulbs with a white diffuser. The similar product has white bulbs with a blue diffuser. The only other difference is that there is something visibly different about the polarizing films. The original has a matte antiglare property and the similar product is very glossy.

    Can anyone help me improve the viewing angle of the similar product to that of the original? I have researched endlessly to find a solution. I have found compensation film (quarter wave plate film) which appears to not be produced any longer, I have also realized that a circular polarized film is just a linear polarizer on top of wave plate film. Lastly I had found some linear polarizing that claimed to have a wide viewing angle.

    Am on the right track? I purchased some linear polarizing film with an antiglare and hardcoat to experiment with to see if I could improve the viewing angle. It did not help.

    I will add some pictures shortly that illustrate the problem.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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