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Basic logic question

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    [tex] P \to \neg \, Q [/tex]

    [tex]P \vee Q \equiv P \oplus Q \text{ ?}[/tex]
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    The second symbol there is XOR?

    P -> ~Q
    ~P v ~Q
    P v Q
    (~P v ~Q) n (P v Q)
    P XOR Q

    P -> ~Q
    P XOR Q
    (~P v ~Q) n (P v Q)
    P v Q

    Yes, they are equivalent.
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    I see :smile:; there's no difference between the two statements (given that condition)
    Correct; what symbol do you use for XOR ?
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    For the sake of thoroughness, shouldn't you add the step above? It more straightforwardly describes the meaning of "XOR."
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