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Basic Math Word Problem I Need Help With Please!

  1. Jul 31, 2006 #1
    I would love to get help or a formula to help figure out my son's word problem he arrived with this afternoon for Homework on his first day back to school here in Georgia.

    The problems is:

    Tim ate 100 cookies in 5 days. Each day he ate 6 more than he did the day before.
    How many cookies did he eat on the 1st day?

    Please help me help my son solve this problem.
    E-mail: dcvgnola@yahoo.com:confused: :confused:
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    Hi there,

    Each day Tim eats six more cookies than the previous one.

    Let x = the number of cookies Tim ate on the first day
    x+6 = 2nd day
    x+12 = 3rd day
    x+18= 4th day
    x+24 = 5th day

    x + (x+6) + (x+12) + (x+18) + (x+24) = 100
    5x + 60 = 100

    Your son should be able to figure it out from there. Solve that equation and that's your answer. Make sense?
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