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Basic Mathematica Help

  1. Feb 16, 2006 #1
    Hey guys I'm trying to learn to use mathematica and can't get even the most simple stuff to run.

    Today I was trying to use it to solve some very simple problems for my Finance Math class but all I got were errors.

    These are some of the problems I was trying:
    a) (1.036)^n = 2.154
    b) 5225(1.0255)^-n = 3750
    c) [525(1.048)^n -1] / (1.048)^1/4 -1 = 3125

    It's not hard stuff just some super basic review of exponents questions we had on the first day. What I really want is to start learning mathematica and this is a start.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Mathematica has a pretty good Help Browser. Why not use it? Anyway, this is how you solve an equation (I'll use x^2=1 as an example):


    Notice the double equal sign.
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    In Math'ca for Windows version 5.x,

    Solve[(1.036)^n == 2.154]

    followed by Num pad Enter ("gray" Enter) or Shift-Keyboard Enter


    {{n -> 21.696}}

    P.S. It also produces the warning
    P.P.S. NSolve[(1.036)^n == 2.154] produces exactly the same result (and warning).
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  5. Feb 17, 2006 #4
    Thanks guys that's just what I needed. I do try to use the help in Mathematica but I rarely find what I'm looking for.
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