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Basic model for solids

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    Given two ionic cores, i and j, can someone please explain what it is that's happening as the distance between them decreases? What is its significance?

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    It is difficult to know what exactly you are asking here. Are you asking why, as the two ions gets closer, the field changes? Isn't this just a standard E&M problem?

    Or are you asking what would cause the two ions to be closer?

    {scratching head}

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    All I can see is that they are forming bonding orbitals from non-bonding orbitals. But that itself does not make any solid.
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    For chemists easy explanation see in a book
    Roald Hoffmann Solids and Surfaces: A Chemist's View of Bonding in Extended Structures [1st edition ed.] (9780471187103, 0471187100) Wiley-VCH 1989 (76pages) English 5 Mb pdf
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