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Homework Help: Basic Motion question

  1. Jan 20, 2010 #1
    16. A block of dry ice weighing 1960 N is lying on a walkway. The coeffi cient of friction of
    the walking surface is 0.125. With what force must you push or pull the block to move it?
    A. 1.57 x 104 N
    B. 1960 N
    C. 245 N
    D. 6.38 x 10-5 N
    (For this I multiplyed 1960N (which is the Fn or fg) by the coefficient of friction on the walking surface which is 0.125)
    Is this correct?
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    The answer is correct.
    The force [question: should you take gravitational or normal force here? e.g. on an inclined surface, these are not equal] multiplied by coefficient of friction gives the maximal frictional force. To get the block moving, you should exert at least this force [question: which physical law tells you that?].
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