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Basic Newtonian Problems #2

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    Please review the correctness of these basics physics questions. Add any comments or helpful hints to help my rudimentary understanding. I am truly a "physics novice." Thanks.

    Physics Problems – Round 2

    1. An object moves with a constant speed of 20 meters per second on a circular track of radius 100 m. What is the acceleration of the object?

    a. zero
    b. 0.4 m/s/s
    c. 2 m/s/s
    d. 4 m/s/s*

    2. What force is needed to make an object move in a circle?

    a. kinetic friction
    b. static friction
    c. centripetal force*
    d. weight

    3. A car goes around a curve of radius r at a constant speed. What is the direction of the net force on the car?

    a. toward the curve's center*
    b. away the curve's center
    c. toward the front of the car
    d. toward the back of the car

    4. If a car goes around a curve at half the speed, the centripetal force on the car is:

    a. four times as big
    b. half as big
    c. one-fourth as big*

    5. According to Newton, the greater the distance between masses of interacting objects, the:

    a. less the gravitational force between them
    b. more the gravitational force between them
    c. less the force by the square of the separation distance*
    d. none of these

    6. If the radius of earth somehow decreased with no change in mass, your weight would:

    a. increase*
    b. not change
    c. decrease
    7. The force of gravity acting on you will increase if you:

    a. burrow deep inside the planet
    b. stand on a planet with a radius that is shrinking
    c. both of these*
    d. none of these

    8. A hollow spherical planet is inhabited by people who live inside it, where the gravitational field is zero. When a very massive ship lands on the planet’s surface, inhabitants find that the gravitational field inside the planet is:

    a. still zero
    b. non-zero, directed toward the spaceship*
    c. non-zero, directed away from the spaceship

    9. A very massive object A and a less massive object B move toward each other under the influence of mutual gravitation. Which force, if either, is greater?

    a. The force on A
    b. The force on B
    c. Both forces are the same*

    10. A woman who normally weights 400 N stands on top of a very tall ladder so she is one earth radius above the Earth’s surface. How much does she weigh there?

    a. zero
    b. 100 N*
    c. 200 N
    d. 400 N
    e. none of these
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