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Homework Help: Basic PLC Logic Problem. Im new

  1. Jun 7, 2013 #1
    I'm 4 days in to an Introduction to PLC's class and have been doing well, but have now been stumped. Ive attached a .jpg to show where i am on this problem.

    Use only XIC,XIO,OTE and branching circuits
    Pressing N.O. PB00 once should latch on output LT08; pressing PB00 a second time should latch on output LT00. pressing N.C. PB08 should unlatch both outputs. Hint: another light(such as LT07) or an internal bit should be used as a status indicator.

    I believe my basic setup is right. I know it must be very simple, but im missing something important. If you could even just point me in the right direction, id appreciate it. Thanks in advance

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