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Homework Help: Basic structure question

  1. Dec 2, 2009 #1
    I don’t understand what our teacher means by this:
    " Analyze the correctness (or lack of it) of a common approximation made in structural
    design, which is that the weight of the structure can often be neglected when calculating the

    loads carried by the members in the structure."
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    Consider the case where the applied loads on the member are relatively large as compared to the weight of that member or the weight of other members framing into it. What if the weight of the member or weight of other members framing into it is large in comparison to the applied loads on the member?
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    could you send me a whole detailed note on the structure of a v-12 engine
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    THanks I understand what the question now means
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    When a structure is relatively small, the self-weight might be 5-10% of its load carrying capacity. With a large bridge, say more than 100 m long, the self weight dominates the applied loading. Sometimes, you are asked to solve for the forces in a truss. In practice, many trusses lie in the horizontal plane for transferring wind forces through a roof for example. In that case, the self weight is not in the same plane as the applied loading, and therefore it is a valid question to ask what the effect of the loading is apart from self weight.
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