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Basic Trig help

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    okay so I need help with this. Directions say: "Use the basic identities to simplify to a basic trig function"

    Tanx + Tanx
    csc(squared)x + sec(squared)x

    The lines are fractions. tanx/scs(squared)x for example. I need help with this thanks
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    A lot of people define csc(x) as 1/sin(x) and sec(x) as 1/cos(x). Furthermore, some people even define tan(x) as sin(x)/cos(x). Does this help you?
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    It is not at all clear what you mean. Since you have "+" both above and below the fractionline I would have interpreted that as
    [tex]\frac{tan x+ tan x}{csc^2 x+ sec^2 x}[/tex]
    but then the numerator is obviously 2tan x.

    Apparently you mean
    [tex]\frac{tan x}{csc^2 x}+ \frac{tan x}{sec^2 x}[/tex]
    As ZioX said, rewrite everything in terms of sin x and cos x and simplify.
    (It might be easier to factor tan x out of that and concentrate on what's left!)
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