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Basic Work & Energy

  1. Oct 14, 2010 #1
    Need help on problem...See attachment

    New on the topic and the SUB only knows as much as we do.
    Might be a lot to cover, but thanks anyway. (Also, please explain if you can)

    v0-intitial velocity
    sqr-square root
    k-spring force constant

    1. x = v0*sqr((mg)/k)

    2. x = v0*m/(kg)

    3. x = v0*(mg)/k

    4. x = v0*sqr(k/(mg)

    5. x = v0*k/(gm)

    6. x = v0^2/(2g)

    7. x = v0*sqr(m/k)

    8. x = v0*sqr(k/m)

    9. x = v0^2/(2m)

    10. x = v0*(mk)/g

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    Use conservation of energy. All the kinetic energy of the block (1/2) mv^2 goes into potential energy of the spring (1/2)kx^2
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