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Basics of Computer Architecture

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    Hi guys, I am a newcomer to this. Actually I have confusion about Computer Architecture basics.
    So, I want to know what CPU actually is ? I mean is it a Microprocessor or Micro controller ?
    What is the difference between CPU and Processor ? If CPU is a Processor, then why we call it as CPU, not Processor ?
    What RAM actually is ? Is a RAM that one, which one we can insert into a slot on the MotherBoard or it exists inside the processor which is not visible to us !
    Is the 40 pin Integrated circuit(IC) simply a Microprocessor ? Or is there any other elements constructing Microprocessor form outside of the 40 pin IC ?
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    Well for starters-

    CPU - Central Processing Unit (Microprocessor)

    RAM- Random Access Memory - Used to hold the data to be processed.
    [/PLAIN] [Broken]
    Computer Architecture
    - Fairly Complicated

    I think a good starting point would be a look at the layout of a motherboard.

    Any questions regarding specific components? I would suggest looking at the wiki results for each component and using that as a starting point for your questions.

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    I haven't seen the later editions and am not sure if they deleted any of the basics to include devices made in the last 15 years or just made the book bigger but it was a great resource for me.

    This book seems to be helpful to those new to computers yet can still be used for reference by a more advanced user.

    Not many other books can do both.

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