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Basics of M-Theory

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    I've just found a review of m-theory which should be very interested for you.


    "This is a review article of eleven dimensional supergravity in which we present all necessary calculations, namely the Noether procedure, the equations of motion (without neglecting the fermions), the Killing spinor equation, as well as some simple and less simple supersymmetric solutions to this theory. All calculations are printed in much detail and with explicit comments as to how they were done. Also contained is a simple approach to Clifford algebras to prepare the grounds for the harder calculations in spin space and Fierz identities."

    Oh, and here is another review. This time something about LQG:


    "We review aspects of loop quantum gravity in a pedagogical manner, with the aim of enabling a precise but critical assessment of its achievements so far. We emphasise that the off-shell (`strong') closure of the constraint algebra is a crucial test of quantum space-time covariance, and thereby of the consistency, of the theory. Special attention is paid to the appearance of a large number of ambiguities, in particular in the formulation of the Hamiltonian constraint. Developing suitable approximation methods to establish a connection with classical gravity on the one hand, and with the physics of elementary particles on the other, remains a major challenge."

    Have fun :-)
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