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Basis on R^3

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    Let be y=f(x) a differentiable function, my question is if we can define a basis on R^3 at every point using [tex] \partial _{x}^{n} [/tex] n=0,1,2

    For arbitrary 'n' even real numbers could be the same be defined using the fractional derivative to justify [tex] \partial _{x} ^{n} y(x) [/tex]

    So in every case the Wrosnkian is different from 0 except at several points, with this a possible purpose would be constructing a basis for a fractional-dimensional space to perform integration over R^{n} n being (positive) integer or real.
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    matt grime

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    A basis of what on R^3? (you wouldn't be the famous Klaus Hoffmann, musician and mellotron connosieur, would you?)
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