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Homework Help: Basketball software for coaches

  1. Oct 31, 2004 #1
    For a few years now I have, for my own amusement, been creating small games in order to learn how to program.
    Now that we, in our school, have to make some kind of mandatory project I felt like my only choice could be one in programming.
    My basketball coach mentioned the need for some kind of planning application as the ones on the market aren't sufficient.

    I have about 7 months to do this, what I need is advice on how to make some parts of the program.

    First of all, what compiler should be used for straightforward WINDOWS software engineering? The one I'm most confident with right now is dev-cpp but I really doubt it will suffice. I have access to microsoft visual c++ 6 and it should be the most compatible (providing workarounds for interaction) i hope.
    What do you recommend?

    I'm wondering a lot of what filed the finished program should consist of. As of now I am used to an executable + images and that's basically it, certainly this shouldn't suffice for a (possibly) a licensed program, if it outranks the other programs on the market.

    This is what the finished program should do:
    There should be some kind of database with a list of all the players, there ranking/stats age telephone number and so on.
    How should this be displayed? If it's an ordinary list, how do I create one easily?

    One should be able to create different kind of practices consisting of different (pre-created) excercices. These practices would then be set up in some kind of schedual.
    How do I get current dates and such, and how should this be shown/handled?

    Hopefully I have time left for the optional part which is the playcreator. Different plays should be created and then be playable (think flash with squares and circles). How should this be created/handled and so on.

    My coach wants to be able to attach videos to each of the plays/exercices which we have made during practice. Hopefully windows provides an easy way of integrating a player into a program, if so then how?

    I'll add on more stuff to this, It's not like I want anyone to make the program for me I just want to learn about popular workaround, so if you have any comment or ideas for the program or how any of these problems can be solved feel free to post away...

    //Aleks Ponjavic
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