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Basketball versus Golfball

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    My first post here so be gentle.:smile:

    I want to analyse the relationship between a basketball and then a golf ball rolling down a 4% slope for a distance of 20metres.

    There is an added complication that the basketball will roll on compacted roadbase and the golf ball will roll on synthetic grass (astro turf,tennis court type surface)

    The distance of 20 metres and 4% slope is constant for both tests and also the impact force is to be a moderate force of say that which is applied to a golf ball with a putter.

    I am wanting to either prove or disprove the theory that a basketball rolling on roadbase is a true indication of a golf ball rolling on the final applied synthetic, using this to test slopes and putting grades.

    Kind regards,
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    Hey, welcome to physics forums.

    This wouldnt happen to be classwork, would it.
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    I am designing a golf course green that is in the process of being built and I am not convinced that a basketball roll is a true comparison test of a golfball rolling on the proposed synthetic surface (synthetic due to australian drought conditions, not enough water anymore to apply to grass putting greens)

    Nothing to do with school work!!!
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    Interesting question. Can you post a pointer to info about "the theory that a basketball rolling on roadbase is a true indication of a golf ball rolling on the final applied synthetic"? That would be interesting background reading for anybody trying to answer your question here. Welcome to the PF, Aussie!
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    Thanks, not quite sure what you mean by "pointer to info"?

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    I mean a web pointer to information about the concept. Is this technique mentioned anywhere on the web where we can read about it, or is it more of a trick only used in a very isolated specialty and probably not talked about on the web?
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    From what you describe, I would think that the only good way to find out for sure is to compare them directly.
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    I do not think so. Surely there must be a mathematical procedure to analyse the comparison i.e. Inertia, weight (mass) of each ball, rolling friction, impact force, slope, coefficient friction of each surface etc etc.

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    The only way to find the rolling friction and coefficients of friction of each surface is to measure them. Even if you were going to produce a mathematical model of the behaviour of astroturf you would probably start by measuring the the properties of the "blades" of "grass", etc.

    Hopefully you are doing this roll test in zero wind speed. If not, the basketball will obviously be blown about rather more than the golf ball.
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