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Bat files

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    i don't know if this is even the right forum but i am trying to right a batch file which will close certain running programs, launch a game, and upon exit of the game, run the programs that were closed. i know how to close a prog and open the game, but i don't know how to run the progs when the game exits.
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    I'm not real sure if that is doable, unless the game sends some kind of code on exit that could execute a batch file.

    What game is it? What programs? Perhaps your best bet would be to simply create a batch file that executes your programs, then use this to start the programs, and a command within this batch starts the game and closes the programs.

    As to restarting the programs when the game exits, I'm stumped.
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    I'm with Megashawn. You need some sort of event synchronization that runs when the game is shut down. What you are doing is beyond the scope of a batch file. Batch files are for triggering a series of events, not being triggered by those events. Although they can be made to have some structure, I recommend looking at something like VBScript that was meant for these kind of things.
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