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Bat hits baseball

  1. Oct 24, 2014 #1
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    a pitcher throws a 1.5kg baseball with speed 25m/s. it hits the bat and return in opposite direction with same speed. the force that bat exerted on ball is 50N. For how long was the bat touching(in contact) the ball? I used: delat t * F = m*delta velocity delta t 50N = 1.5(25-(-25)) and i got t=1.5 s. Is it correct? It does not seem like.
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    That's a pretty happy baseball. Are you sure of that 1.5 kg?

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    A major league baseball has a mass of 5.25 oz (0.15 kg). That 1.5 kg is an obvious typo.

    And, please, don't try to play baseball with a 1.5 kg baseball. If you got hit by a fastball, it would be "lights out."

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    ok, but under the conditions described what would be time?
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    If you are asking whether you solved the problem correctly, given the obviously faulty data, then the answer is yes.

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    force is the rate of change of momentum.
    Thus, you have been given the change in momentum, the force excerted.
    t=Change in momentum/force

    Yup, your answer is correct
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    This is the sort of question you have to answer on impulse. Boom boom.
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