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Batch distillation

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    I need to know a few things. I am doing my internship and have been given a problem with very limited information. I have to decide whether to use packing or plates. The tower is to be used for several different mixtures. So everytime it has to be washed completely, whenever a new seperation is to be done. So the internals of the tower have to be as such that they can be washed easily so that there is NO CROSS CONTAMINATION. And there is cost limit too. Cant afford a too expensive column too beacuse it is not a big thing. It is for a reboiler of 250 litres. Any suggestion???
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    I don't know, do you think a plate column has a higher efficiency in doing the distillation?
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    Easier to clean packing than plates I would have thought.
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    If the column packing can be easily removed between distillations and replaced with fresh packing (while the old packing is being prepared for the next batch), it would seem that the packed column would be the easier route. Column packing is usually not too expensive and should be able to be easily cleaned (solvent rinse followed by drying) and stored for the next run.
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