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Batcopter Toy

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    Hi. I want a vehicle for my 7" DC Universe to fly around in. I figure the Batwing and the Batjet would be too complicated. The Batcopter is probably the way to go. Is this something I can make, or should buy it pre-made? I want remote control.
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    You should buy one and repaint it to what you want.

    Small flying toys are highly balanced between the weight and the lift provided by the motor and I think it would take work to find the right combo. The RC adds another twist. However with the help of other folks you might be able to build one from scratch.

    There is a community website that may be of help:

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    Maybe a good Batman video game would give me the same amount of pleasure with less cost.
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    Is finding a jet-propulsion, RC batwing realistic?
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    Is Batman: Arkham Origins a worthwhile graphic novel for $10?
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