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Homework Help: Batmobile physics problem

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    hi, i am grade 12 student having difficulty on a question for my physics class. i was wondering if anybody could help me out.
    the question is:
    Batman drove the batmobile along a straight street in gotham city. He started from rest and maintained a constant value acceleration for 750m.Robin was standin on the floor of the batmobile holding the batrope, which was tied to the batmobile ceiling, when the trip began.the rope made a 30 degree angle with the verticle.even togh he picked his feet up off the floor the rope angle did not change. How long, in seconds, did the trip take?
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    What acceleration would cause Robin's rope to make a 30 degree angle with the vertical?

    Here's a hint: Draw a triangle. Label what you know and solve for what you need.

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    I'm thinking it would be a tan relationship.

    [tex]tan(\theta) = \frac{batmobile}{gravity}[/tex]
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