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Batteries in series

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    Hello, I can't image what is the exact path of electrons in two or more batteries conncted in series... if electrodes are immersed into the electrolytes and chemical reactions should continously happen why the circuit in the picture down here has no activity ?

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    Connect the two outside points with a resistor so current can flow. Your ammeter will then show that current, which is V/R.

    The resistance of an ideal ammeter is zero, so your voltmeter will not register anything, even if a current is flowing. A real ammeter has a small resistnce, so the voltmeter will measure a small voltage across it when a current is flowing through it.
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    The chemical reaction in the electrolyte doesnt start till the circuit between the positive and negative terminals of the battery are connected ( ignoring the small loss caused by the internal resistance of the battery .... which of course gives it a limited shelf life)

    look again at the drawing I did for you in the other forum and I post again here
    for how to connect up meters correctly to measure voltage and current


    there MUST be a complete circuit path external to the battery(ies) before current will flow


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    what prevents chemical reactions to happen since electrodes and electrolyte are in contact ?
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    read the first sentance of my previous post :)

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    Actually it is an ELECTRO-Chemical reaction and it does "start" as soon as the battery is assembled, but immediately reaches equilibrium with no current (typically) 1.5v per cell, and no current.

    As a circuit is completed the, outside of the battery, electrons flow out of the negative side and into the positive terminal and offset the equilibrium in the call and the electro-chemical reaction can continue.
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    one quote ....

    another quote....

    neither example ( and a couple of others I looked at) talks about any reaction initially reaching equilibrium
    Do you have a www site that explains that initial equilibrium reaction you speak of ?
    Am always willing to learn more

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