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Battery charging connection

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    My son pulled the wires off of the charging plug for his motorcycle (mini-bike).
    I can use a Fluke to determine what side is positive comming from the charger, and trace the positive side from the battery to the charging socket.
    My question is when charging do I connect the positive side of the charger to the positive side of the battery?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Yes, that is how you connect a charger. Just think about how you jump start a dead battery...
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    Confirm what Bman states....yes
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    Thank you. My original thought was that when connected and power is drawn out then the battery is connected positive to positive and negative to the frame. If I then want to put power back in then I need to go in the oposite direction, WRONG again.
    I understand your explanation of jumping a flat battery.
    My only other question is "Where is my soldering iron"? or better still "how do I keep my teenage sons away from my tools"? You can't help with these questions, but thanks for your help with the polarity issue.
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