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Battery died on my laptop.

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    I have an older Win 7 laptop that I put it away for 2 months. I power it up lately, few things gone wrong. The computer said my battery died and have 0 charge even though I have it plugged in for over a day. Whenever I unplug the power, the computer just shut down completely.

    It's very hard for me to believe the battery die with two months storage. Can it be some Windows or software issue? If so, how do I check it?

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    Dr Transport

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    The battery has a finite lifetime and without a charge on it, it will die especially if it isn't new. Find a replacement online is the best advice, it isn't an operating system issue.
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    Lithium-ion batteries deteriorate even when not used , (e.g. during those two months).

    Laptop batteries only last about 3 years ...
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    I am not going to buy new battery. The computer is 3 years old, I change to a newer W8 computer and it's unreliable. The battery worth more than the computer at this point.

    I wonder when the W9 going to come out. I definitely don't want W8, W7 is a little old.
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    Yes, you are right. You need to change your battery for this reason. Because it is old now. 3 years old. that is so much..
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    Follow up:

    Yes, it's the battery. I bought one on Amazon for only $22 and it works like a champ. Thanks everyone. I did not think the battery die so sudden!!!

    Wow, everything here change!!! I have to look around to navigate through!!!
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