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Automotive Battery issues in Automotive

  1. Feb 18, 2013 #1
    Battery issues in Automotive!!

    Hi guys,

    I'm required to write an essay about development of 'Automotive Power', with particular reference to the Batteries.

    So, i'm looking for some current issues on the batteries related to its development!

    Any idea?!!

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    Re: Battery issues in Automotive!!

    What do you think some of the issues might be?
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    Re: Battery issues in Automotive!!

    I think the major issue is the cost! Also the charging time takes long.
    It doesn't last for that long where as the other power source such as petrol last for days.

    But i'm trying to find some issues regarding it's development.

    I'm wondering if anyone have an article talks about this!! It will be really helpful.
    I tried to look but couldn't find that much.

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