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Battery power and energy

  1. Nov 11, 2013 #1
    I have a pretty general question. If you look at battery packs, for example the Kolibri one below:

    http://www.kolibri-ag.com/en/kolibrirack1.html [Broken]

    it's stated that the connection power can be up to 24 kW with storage up to 45 kWh.

    Does this mean that power can be sourced at 24 kW from the battery for about 2 hours (1.875 h)?

    Then thinking about Tesla's batteries, the 85 kWh battery pack for example, what is the power rating of that battery pack?

    Is there a general conversion or does it depend on use?
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    Yes, exactly.

    There is not a general conversion. It depends on the design of the battery itself. You can have two batteries with identical energy, but different power, and vice versa.
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    The peak power (or rather the minimum peak power) that the battery can deliver can be estimated... How much does the motor draw flat out?

    EDIT: Depends on the model but appears to be 270kW for the 85kwh Model S.

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