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Battle of Hastings - October 14, 1066

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    Another 61 years and it will be the 1000th anniversary.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/war/normans/hastings_01.shtml [Broken]


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    Did the people that composed Harolds army go into battle willingly? and how
    effective is a part time army gathered in haste ?
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    Harold has raised his army, by the usual methods of Anglo-Saxon culture, which means that at least the leaders were willing, in order to fight off the other invasion, by Harald Hardraade of Norway. He defeated that invader in the North of England, and then heard about William's invasion, so he marched the army South to Senlac ("Hastings"). The army was pretty frazzled and fractious by that time, which showed in some failures of discpline during the battle. But it was by no means foreordained that Wiliam would win. If Harold hadn't been killed by an arrow that struck him through the eye-slit of his helmet - a complete fluke - the battle could have gone either way.
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    Only because Harald had only a fraction of his army with him when he spotted Harold's army.
    The dumb Norwegian thought he would dishonour himself if he made a hasty retreat to his main forces and gave the signal for a suicidal assault instead..:grumpy:
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