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Battle within

  1. Apr 28, 2004 #1
    1. lots people said they lost to they inner self, so what can u do about this???? The stronger u grow the powerful the inner will be.

    positive side: it allows a person constantly battle with him/herself, and maybe learnt something from it if one wins . and it allows a person into deep thinking. where the person able to discuss and against him/her self. but one of his/her inner self must win. Otherwise no conclusion can be drawn.
    negative side: it will sometimes never stop, and confusion , a sense of lost will created. Because both of ur inner self seems to be equally strong. This is when a person will feel lost to him/her self. Since decision and conclusion cant be made.

    ..then again it seems only way to not lose to ur self is make sure one of ur self is stronger then other right? But how could you make sure one of ur inner self must be stronger?
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    I don't see it much as two inner selves. But as the desires to be better and the desires to have pleasure. There is more which is the desire to punish yourself for your mistakes. Which includes guilt, remorse, and self inflicted pain.
    Well If your desires to seek pleasure exceed your desire to be better then you will probaly pick the short term decisions in your choices. There will be a time when both sides feel equally strong and that is the momment of truth, which side wins? That depends on you.
    It's pretty simple. But diffcult to achieve when most of your choices are the oppisite of what you want to be. Took me years to be true to myself and as much confusion i went through i am very happy and no regrets on taking my time to get to that point.
    We all have the equal amount of will power. The ones who seem to have more will power just know how to apply their will to one side and not split their will.
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    Yesterday, I read this post, I didnt answer though I really wanted to answer.
    Yes, I fought against myself and now when I already post this, it also means I lost.

    There are lots of things that it is always hard for us to explain just by words. I have a lot of things I try to keep inside because I also actually dont know how to tell anyone...Since everything goes on and on so happily to many people, I think stopping making noise would be the best choice...It will be good for everyone, and gradually will be good for me too. I dont know whether or not I will win or lose to myself in the end, but when i do like that, I also accepted to lose...A loser I am...

    It is Okay, because in life, lots of new, different things are waiting, there are also lots of suffering, who can say what one suffers at a moment of time will be the largest in his or her lifetime ? If you can suffer something at this time, will you be able to tolerate that injury next time ? If there is number one, there should be number two, number three, on and on, the number gets larger and larger if we keep on counting...There would be only tears, but it is good to cry as much as possible since tears are the presents one can get back what he or she has lost...

    I also cry, cry a lot, and everytime I cry, I know I already lost to myself but I am also sure I myself sucessfully ease my pain with that. I dont try to ask myself why I have to lie, because if i did that, I would start another battle at the exact same place, which also means I would be led to nowhere...it is no one's fault, fortune makes us meet, fortune will give each a way to get out of the circle, and everything moves on, no matter how one feels or thinks. It becomes a rule for things to be built up, unchangeable! And it creates also a pain for us to suffer, a problem for us to take into consideration, a decision to make, a difficult question for us to always ask and have to always try to find an answer....who is to say what is a sin in your eyes ?
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    If you are fighting against your insider, I hope you will win...
    Winning someone's heart is hard, Winning your insider is much harder...
    Give it your best try, you will see how strong you are...
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  6. Apr 29, 2004 #5
    Hehe I guess we all have to go through this battle, so our inner self, could united

    So I could make one perfect decision instead thinking of two and therefore do not requied to care which is better to be choosen.
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  7. Apr 29, 2004 #6
    I dont understand what you are talking about...
    by the way, what is your name ? I mean your username..strange
    And are you an Australian ?
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  8. Apr 30, 2004 #7
    ;) my brain always argues with myself. it's my weakness i got to force them united so it would be much easier when come to decision making.

    for now, if i got a decision or a choice between two, i would come up with two equally logic arugument for both choices it makes me go confused. not knowing which is more better or more correct.

    my user name just my hotmail account , nothing specail

    i m in Austrlia but i m not born there i m actually chinese =D

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