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Homework Help: Baud Rate

  1. Dec 9, 2013 #1
    Consider both UART and SSI transmission of data at a Baud rate of 10Mbps. Are they at equal speeds as an entirety, or is one faster than the other? I understand that the Baud rate is the rate of transmission, however, once the bits have been transmitted they undergo further steps to be processed (shift register, FIFO, etc). Not really homework, but it has to do with my microcontroller course and I am not sure where else to find the answer.
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    "Baud rate" = 1/(the time to send one 1 bit) . However different serial protocols have different overheads so that the long term data rate is usually lower. For example the asynchronous (UART) protocol requires start and stop bits to "frame" the data.

    Generally if all else is equal then a synchronous system is faster overall. not sure if this is the best tutorial but I'm in a rush..

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