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Baywax is back to say thank you!

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    Hi everybody! I just wanted to say thank you to Greg, ZapperZ, Evo and so many others here because it was your disciplined approach to the sciences that have helped me inspire my sons to do well with their Maths and Physics etc..! My oldest is now an electrical engineer, pushing the envelope of solar energy and my youngest is a total math/physics/chemistry whizz! Sometimes I'm pretty sure they're not mine! In fact I think Zapper was here, as a milk man!

    Any hoo! My best regards and wishes to you all in this coming year. Stay keen in 2015!

    PS. Something new from the Neurosciences dept. Epigenetics proving nature/nurture are equally responsible for gene expression.
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    Wow, thank you. But I think you, as the parent, were the inspiration to your sons.
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    http://www.ubcmj.com/pdf/ubcmj_3_2_2012_49-50.pdf [Broken]
    Thank you Evo!
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    Baywax! So good to see you again, and glad to hear your sons are little chips off the ol' block :)!
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    Hee hee! Lisab! What a blast from the past!!! I'm in the Caribbean come Feb if you all want to join me there! Canada is traditionally cold at the moment!! Yag!
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    Thank you! Stick around!
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    Thanks Greg! I may also unleash (#2) sonofbaywax on you guys! He's particularly interested in the Career Help and Homework sections!!!
    Also, I remember the thrill of receiving a gold membership so I'm going to link you guys all over the place!
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    We'd love to meet him!
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    Fantastic dude. At the age of 7 getting his yellow belt, Karate. I recommend this discipline for anyone's children. Adds peace of mind!

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