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News BBC at it again – The Case of the Elaborate Deception

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    I'm sure most of us remember the BBC biggie from last year, the Hutton Report, http://www.the-hutton-inquiry.org.uk/ and The Case of the Satisfactory Internal Inquiry. That case lead to the "resignations" of two senior BBC executives and BBC reporter, Andrew Gilligan. According to the Hutton Report, BBC's internal inquiry into the accuracy of Gilligan's story consisted of asking him whether the story was accurate - to which he replyed "yes." According to the Report, this was passed on as a 'satisfactory internal inquiry' –

    You would think the trama caused by The Case of the Satisfactory Internal Inquiry– if nothing else, would open some BBC eyeballs. Yet here we are with The Case of the Elaborate Deception –-- the latest BBC overstep (of which I'm aware) -

    From ABC NEWS –


    It appears that when the BBC used "elaborate deception" in this context, the BBC means they talked to him on the telephone and "Finisterra" (a false name and not one even appearing at Dow) told BBC he represented Dow – nothing more, nothing less -- Not very "elaborate" or "deceptive" as I see this - But again, sloppy or not – BBC has nothing against big muti-national business OR government -


    I’ll add The Case of the Weeping Reporter upon request.

    So ----- right or wrong – there is the perception ‘out there’ that the BBC has a bias to the left --- some hear BBC and think a ‘corporation of Dan Rathers.’ So maybe the BBC ought to allow third parties to decide complaints of bias against the BBC. At present, the BBC is self-policing. Maybe an independent body assigned to oversee the BBC's complaint process and decision making regarding allegations of BBC bias is needed. If this is 'unacceptable' to the BBC, maybe the BBC and tax money should part ways -
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    Thanks Burnsys – that is a website created by two individuals who have collected pretty extensive information which, they propose, indicates BBC bias as it relates to the Middle East and specifically Israel and her enemies. They provide four 'reports' – starting in March 2002 and going forward.

    The Israeli government seems to take a position similar to those of the website authors, at least according to this 2003 article –

    http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=33315 [Broken]
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    Everyone knows the BBC is run from the Kremlin :rolleyes:
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