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Bbc galactic lens , dark energy

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    The BBc just publsihed this story:

    The conclusion is:
    "Professor Priyamvada Natarajan of Yale University, a leading cosmologist and co-author of this study, said that the findings finally proved "exactly what the fate of the Universe will be". "

    Surely this is premature? Until we udnerstand what dark energy is we cant say its a contsant and if its not constant it may die down or even reverse and so the ultimate fate of the unvierse is still unknown.
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    George Jones

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    Constant dark energy/cosmology constant has equation of state [itex]p = -\rho[itex], i.e., [itex]w = -1[/itex]. While it cannot be ruled out that w will remain constant, this paper's result is consistent (with smaller error bands than before) with constant [itex]w = -1[/itex].

    From the Science article's abstract:
    From the end of the article:
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