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BBC NEws Story refuting HUP

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    BBC NEws Story "refuting" HUP

    I did a double take when I read this, can someone please explain what it's all about?
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    Re: BBC NEws Story "refuting" HUP

    I took the important sentences from the full article:
    So, while the uncertainty coming from the disturbing influence of the measurement is smaller than Heisenberg's original formulation , the uncertainty principle itself remains valid (e.g. there is an intrinsic uncertainty any quantum system must possess).
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    Re: BBC NEws Story "refuting" HUP

    hereafter "Uncertainity Relation"
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    Re: BBC NEws Story "refuting" HUP

    It's about WEAK measurement, not ordinary measurement. Weak measurement determines only an AVERAGE value, not the actual value. For example, by weak measurement you can measure exactly average momentum at a given position, but not exact momentum at a given position. Therefore, HUP is not violated.

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    Re: BBC NEws Story "refuting" HUP

    We already have threads on this, here and here.
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