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    I see there is discussion going on between sciforums and physicsforums about moderation and which is better, blah blah blah. I was a user of sciforums, but I am finding physicsforums superior in terms of content and moderation.

    I quit sciforums after I found that the administrator ran it by a policy I could not accept: that right and wrong change depending on who its from. In other words, Porfiry seems to follow the idea that ascribed authority is valid, and determines right and wrong. Now, ascribed authority is what we call it when some regular Joe, for example, is suddenly called King Joe, and for some reason that title carries with it the assumption of authority/power/right, et cetera. This is the same attitude which results in people believing "Well, Bush is now President, so that makes everything he says correct and right". Personally, this disgusts me. This is the way sciforums is being run these days. The administrator leaves all authority as ascribed authority in the hands of incompetents (although a few of them are very good, actually). Giving an idiot from Texas the nuke button, giving some monkeys the moderator buttons, it's the same sort of thing. Ascribed authority is hollow and ultimately destructive. Those in power should be those who merit the authority. But no, the administrator of sciforums disagrees with this, which is why I quit the forum. He believes in unity regardless of right or wrong - kind of like Microsoft. Now, he seems a decent guy in general, we just have entirely different philosophies of management/authority, and since it is his site and not mine, I quit.

    Thus far, I have found the moderators here reasonable and at least competent to discuss the forums which they moderate. Maybe not experts in those fields - I don't know their qualifications - but at least competent enough to discuss the material intelligently. I have not yet seen any examples of "I have the Close Thread button, so I'm right", which is good. Integrity is one of the things I require.

    Now, there are requirements on the web for many things. Some want to discuss things intelligently and learn; some want to talk crap, as I like to do now and then; some want pictures of Osama Bin Laden with a naked goat. The web is certainly large enought o cater to all tastes. At the moment, if I wish to discuss things and learn, I am coming here. It suits my requirements.

    Enough rambling. I have a digital systems exam tomorrow, and I must return to study. Have fun all.
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