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Homework Help: BC Calculus - Integration

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    Can somebody tell me step by step how to integrate (x^5)/((1-2x^3)^(1/2)).
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    Have you tried the substitution [itex]y = \sqrt {1 - 2x^3 } [/itex]?
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    I don't know what you have in mind TD. I would substitute u = 1 - 2x^3, with x^3 = (1 - u)/2
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    They're essentially the same thing. But I tend to prefer TD's because it gets rid of all the messy radicals!

    nyyfan0729: we're not here to do the problems for you step by step. (that's already done in your textbook and solution manual anyways) We're here to help you when you're stuck: you need to show us your thoughts on the problem, and what you've tried, so that we know where you're stuck and why.
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