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Be your self, no matter what they say!

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    Those that follow my posts are well awear of how serious are my objections to the traditional physics. They must at some point question them self: How can the traditional physics be wrong despite all the progress mankind makes?
    The answer is simple:
    I can put A + B = RESULT
    They can put A + B + ERROR = RESULT + ERROR
    Two ways make true claim but RESULT <> RESULT + ERROR
    The point is:
    Be your self as long as you don't contradict your self!
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    Sure, but experiment (i.e., nature) will only agree with either RESULT or RESULT+ERROR.
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    Deda ... sorry mate ... your objection to traditional physics has crossed over into maths.

    Before you can write ...

    A + B = RESULT

    ... you must define what type of entities A, B, RESULT and ERROR are and what '+' and '=' mean.

    Otherwise, it's just gibberish.
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    A, B, Result & Error are quantities of same quality.
    '+' is the standard math operator for addition
    '=' is again standard sign for equality.
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    matt grime

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    And now you've got to define quality, and explain why you are allowed to use the 'standard math operation for addition' on things like that. You might have a useful shorthanc for creating a picture of your opinion (though it is not clear to most of us I'd suggest), but it's not rigorous, is it?
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    About being yourself, if you are a serial killer, hitman (any kind of murderer really), rapist, pedophile, telemarketer etc., please stop being yourself immediately.

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    Following on frm Matt Grime's comment ...

    If you want to use '+' and '=' as the 'standard math operators' then the quantities you are considering must be a subset of the complex numbers. So, let's look at your arguments again, but not using 'handy' words that sort of look like they may contradict themselves in English:

    Let A, B and D be complex and C = A + B.
    Then, A + B + D = C + D.

    So, C <> C + D, but if and only if D <> 0. If D = 0, then D = C + D !!

    Where's the contradiction?

    Your trouble is with trying to make Maths out of English. Why you feel the need to find such holes in maths or physics, I have no idea, but you'd use your time much better if you learnt the rules of the game first.

  9. Apr 2, 2004 #8
    Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but as far as I know, I have never
    witnessed a single event on this planet that didn't square with "traditional physics". Therefore, I must object to your objections.
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