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Beaker ?

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    does anyone know where i can buy beakers ?
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    What kind and how many? Also, is this for you, for your research (at, say, a University), or for your work?

    If it's for you, and you only want a few assorted pieces, I'd recommend looking in your Yellow Pages (commercial listing) under scientific supply, for somewhere local you can go to. Barring that, you can usually find something on eBay. Or, just Google for Scientific Supply and go from there.

    If it's for research purposes, find out who your institution's preferred vendor is (probably Fisher Scientific or VWR) and order from them (usually with a nice, attendant discount). You could also probably go to the scientific supply shop found in your yellow pages.
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    And if you are in Texas, you may get arrested just for possesing one.
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    Beakers are not regulated in Texas. But,

    1. Condenser
    2. Distilling apparatus
    3. Vacuum drier
    4. Three-neck flask (redneck flasks exempt of course)
    5. Distilling flask
    6. Tableting machine
    7. Encapsulating machine
    8. Buchner, filter and sep funnels
    9. Erlenmeyer, single-neck, two neck, round bottom, Florence, thermometer and filtering.
    10. Soxhlet extractor
    11. Transformer
    12. Flask heater
    13. Heating mantle
    14. Adapter tube

    are regulated.
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    Wow. Is that just because of the amount of drug trade that flows through Texas, and/or meth production?
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    Mainly to keep down the mad-scientists. Texas has a lot of thunderstorms and although it is a bit short of mountain top castles it would be an ideal place to create monsters from re-animated dead bodies.
    In Texas there is a real danger that an abnormal brained lumbering hulk than can only grunt one or two words can be elected.
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    http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/criminal_law_enforcement/narcotics/narcprecursor.htm [Broken]
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