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Beam bending

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    I'm looking to see if a flexible beam I am using right now can be flexed further, currently it goes to around 25 degrees and I want to see if I can bend it to around 50 degrees without permanent deformation. Looking to do a back of the envelope calc to check this, what equation should I use, and what material stress should I compare this to? The beam is attached to blocks at the top and bottom and these two blocks are connected by a cable that can be retracted to create a moment and bend the beam:

    | |
    | block|
    | b | |
    | ea| | <- cable
    | m| |
    | |
    | block |
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    If the beam is rotated through 25 deg already, you are way passed the limits of linear elastic beam theory, which usually means hand calcs are out the window.
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