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Beam Equations

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    I'm out of college for decades, and all my "handbooks" and college books have been packed away and inaccessible for some months.

    I need a source, or the equations as follows [all very simple, fundamental stuff; Chap One in "Strength of Materials", so to speak]

    1] Beam supported both ends, with W downward force NOT NECESSARILY in the center.
    2) Cantilever beam; rigidly affixed to one end, with W downward force at some location.
    3] Same as one, but with uniformly distributed load
    4] Same as two, but with uniformly distributed load.

    When I do searches on the internet, I get thousands, but all in reports, or something; I just need the equations; yes, you may email me if you prefer.

    Thank you very much.

    LarryR : )
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    This is a page from the EIT handbook.

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    "Roak's Formulas for Stess & Strain" is a good handbook with every equation for beams I can think of in it. Ton's of equations in it.

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    Are there more pages available?

    Available to be "seen". Do YOU have to download ea page, for example as you did in THIS response? The internet is SO big, yet I cannot find the simplest equations as in a text book.

    I DO thank you for your efforts; I was beginning to give up; I've got to dig out [from SOMEWHERE] my old "Strength of Materials" book and Schaum's Outline for same.

    LarryR : )
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    Try this :
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    If you may need some similar information again try:

    "Mark's Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers"

    I believe it is on the 10th edition now.
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    can anyone explain how the formulas where derived - unmathematically. AKA. layman's terms????
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