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Beam Physics

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    Im a first year mechanical engineering student, and I think that I would like to do work with particle accelerators (beam physics and technology). Does anyone have any recommendations as to what specific degree(s) I should look into, and which schools have great programs? Thanks!
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    Mechanical engineering isn't that suitable for what you want to do. You will either have to change to a physics major, or an electrical engineering major. You also won't be doing much in that area as an undergraduate. Most of the actual, real work in beam and accelerator physics are done at the graduate level, be it in physics or in electrical engineering.

    There are several very good schools (assuming you're in the US) for such a program: UCLA, USC, Stanford, Maryland, Indiana, MIT, etc. In many cases, you will also be taking several intense courses at various Particle Accelerator schools being offered at different times of the year at various locations.

    The following is Entry #28 in my Journal on Particle Accelerator School, re-copied here in case many people don't read people's journals.

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