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Beam size check

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    Good Day Guys,

    I need help in checking the beam size required to transport a cargo.
    What checks do i do?
    1. Check actual BM with resisting moment of the beam
    2. Check actual shear with the resisting moment of the beam

    How do i calculate following if I only know the type of beam used, i.e. section and length., ex. 4.8m long UC356x406x235
    - Resisting BM
    - Resisting Shear.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    yes , you can also check actual versus allowed stress. Don't forget safety factors.
    you must look it up or calculate the beam properties like moment of inertia and area etc. I'm sure you know the basic equations for bending stresses and shear stresses. But also you must know the max allowed stress of the material you are using.
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    Welcome to PF!

    For liability reasons, we cannot give real-world structural engineering assistanc on this forum. Please consult a registered professional engineer to design the structure for you. Thread closed.
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