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Bean Gas!

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    I think we have a wasted source of power on Earth. Alot of beans are eaten around the world everyday. How about trying to harness the gas emitted by bean eaters. I mean, have like a collection center where people can go and give off their gas and get paid for it based on volume. etc. Just a thought.
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    trolling doesn't work too well on these boards... we just ignore them.
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    On a serious note, there are some recent efforts to convert waste gas into energy. Some companies/industries that generate organic waste streams are capturing the methane offgas and burning it to provide electricity for their facility...sometimes enough to free them from the power grid altogether. A way-cool idea.
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    Interesting but I would hate to be the guy that has to wire all this stuff up.
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    I'd rather hook up some cows to balloons..
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